6 years later

I’ve upgraded my Note 2 to Note 9.


OSX and Chrome

Chrome use to spam the console with lots and lots of error messages – I don’t care about them so, why bother flooding my console with them?

So, let’s stop Chrome from flooding /var/syslog.log:

sudo sysctl -w vm.shared_region_unnest_logging=0

That’s not a permanent solution. To make it ‘forever’, edit you /etc/sysctl.conf and add this line:


You’re done, Chrome logging is now mutted.


Acum ceva timp a crapat router-ul vechi: un TrendNet de vreo 4 ani. A murit de batranete: fara alte figuri sau fumuri.
Pentru ca nu ma intereseaza performanta si/sau brand pentru o chestie asa minora, am aruncat o intrebare pe FB si apoi un search pe emag (dupa „cele mai vandute”) – de pe FB am primit sugestii, sugestii care s-au regasit in search-ul dat pe emag. So, here it is:

D-Link DIR 615

Img54057 09122011172511 0

Initial am crezut ca l-am luat deja bushit: nu-si lua IP de pe PPPoE. Tot ce-am facut a fost sa-i bag un reset… de control: a „luat-o” instant.