My new toy

Bamboo Small Pen Tablet N-am rezistat tentatiei sa n-o iau; mai ales ca venea de la mama ei de-afara, la un pret de 55$. Ieftin. Si bun. Bun pentru mine (deoarece I’m a beginner).
Daca la laptop am sapat secole, la tableta am dat ordonare dupa pret, ordonare dupa “customer ratings” si… asta e fost sa fie.

A fost o intreaga aventura cu sosirea ei. Initial tot bagajul cu “goodies” a fost uitat in aeroport in Londra. Bossu’ si-a adus aminte de bagaj cand era in avion. A sunat sa vada daca se mai poate face ceva. S-a rezolvat. S-a recuperat si s-a pus la pastrare. Well, daca era in Romania, garantat “se pierdea”.


  • Works with new handwriting recognition, inking and pen features in Windows Vista (all editions but Home Basic) and Apple operating systems (OS X)
  • Supports widescreen displays and has a textured work surface for a natural pen-on-paper feel
  • High resolution and report rate for outstanding accuracy
  • Precise control with an active area of 21 square inches and 512 levels of pressure sensitivity on the pen
  • Easy scrolling and zooming with finger-sensitive Touch Ring
  • Patented, battery-free pen with customizable buttons for comfort and reliability
  • Detachable USB cable unplugs from your computer and your tablet for easy storage and transport
  • Includes one year warranty
  • Free US-based technical support available

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