I screwed up my Mac

Yeah, you’ve heard me.
All the shit started today. I plugged in my digicam (saw my previous post?) and grabbed all those pictures. Guuud…

While at home, I’ve made some other pictures and I’ve decided to grab those too. Surpriiiiiiise. My Mac didn’t recognise my digicam anymore. I thought it need a reboot.
Reboot given. The problem persist.
Looking in logs I’ve seen something like IOUSBFamiliy bla..bla.bla.. can’t renumerate/enumerate USB ports. My mouse is USB. It was working.
So, reading on the web for this issue, I’ve seen that the problem is everywhere and… this time with few solutions. One of them was to delete some shits in /System/Library/Extensions/IOUSBFamily.kext/Plugins/ * USBCDC* (meaninig all the files that has inside USBCDC shit).
I did it.
Got errors (3 of them)
Mouse dead.
Touchpad working. Guuud..
Went to /System directory again and put back that .kext (I was smart enought to make a backup of that shit).
Soon after the reboot, the error: the system (the moron) detected that those files have been “touched” and was annoying me with some “owner, preferences rights & shit”.

I’m so screwed.

Went to Apple, made an “developer” account, downloaded the last IOUSBFamily.kext shit and installed.
And the FUCK of the century was taking over: no mouse, no touchpad, no keyboard. All da’ shit dead.

Mort in cort!

So, I had to grab those little tiny books that came with my Mac and reading how to boot the shit in safe mode… or whatever. Didn’t found.
But I did found how to boot from another disk/partition.
Now I’m on Vista.. writting this and looking for “how to boot Mac in safe mode”. Found. (“press and hold the Shift key”)
Now I’m about to do that.

I don’t know, but I have that feeling that I’m about to be… screwed again. Screwed haaaaaaard!
Hooooly crap!

And fuck, there’s no damn backup so far, all my kits (14Gigs) are there, all my projects from the last month are there, 20% of them have some copies on the office computers. But the other 80% are still here.

Damn, this Vista is damn faast. Such a pitty is runs oddly hot.
Btw, so far I succeed to freeze my Mac totally: 1st time 2 weeks ago while in Photoshop and 2nd time today before the madness start. So freezed that I had to power it down from the power button. Also, today I’ve made it run the hotest ever (81 degree – Celsius) – if I’ll (EVER) boot again on Leopard I’ll put that snashot on blog.
If I’ll EVER see that Leopard back.

Daca m-a mancat in cur sa ma uit pe kkturile de forumuri de la Apple…. Din ce in ce mai mult traiesc cu impresia ca astia care au 10 ani de Mac sint irecuprabili: total retardati.
Altfel nu-mi dau seama cum la probleme FRECVENTE vorbesc ca muierile (pagini intregi) dar NU dau nici un raspuns. Tone de intrebari de la ei au status roshu (culoarea rosie – adica “no valid answer”).
Am o luna de Mac si l-am ‘crapat’ de doo ori. Azi creka l-am crapat de tot. Pute a reinstall. Si ma oftic. #$#&$^ masii!!


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