Deny nmbd data

Mi-am spart capu’ azi cu o kestie care mă seca la Leopard: nu ‘vedeam’ rețeaua locală – doar celelalte doo minimac-uri cu care se ‘pupa’ la marea artă.
Am cautat pe net (kiar și la apple): problema mea nu era singulară; nimeni nu găsise nici o soluție.
I did. 🙂
Am sa dau soluția în english, poate mai fericesc și pe alții.

I have noticed that, after upgrading to Leopard, my local network is no longer visible. Of course, you can choose to connect to a specific computer by accessing its IP from Finder. But, that’s not a valid solution – it’s like a downgrade feature. Tiger has it. Leopard doesn’t. Why?
I don’t know if this is because I mess something up in my MacBookPRO settings but as I’ve seen on Apple forums, this problem is not singular.
I’ll show here the easy solution, a solution that any non-techie person can accomplish.
We need a little piece of software and one firewall rule.
The software I’m talking about is WaterRoof. Grab it and install it.
After that, click on “Static Rules” and add this:

allow ip from any to me dst-port 137,139 in

Firewall settings in Leopard
Then click on “Kill appfirewall” and wait for it to restart (actually you won’t see it, but it’s about 6 seconds). You can monitor/see when it (re)starts but that will make me tell you advanced stuff… which is not the goal of this post. Also you can do this firewall trick from the terminal with just one line, but, as I said, no mambo-jambo-advanced-tricks-commands-line here. Not now.
Ahh… also you can do this from the “Configuration Wizard” but I thought it will be more easier for some non-techie guys just to copy paste something following some strict steps. Also, those unfamiliar with terms in “Configuration Wizard” might have some problems.
That’s all. 🙂


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