I’m alive (still)

Let the party beeeeegin!

Am lipsit de pe blog… 🙂 Deh… dar nu e ‘nemotivat’.
Am fost plecat de Paste (ca tot omu’) pe la Dunare. Super fain… imi aduc (iar din nou) aminte de faza ca NU am camera foto… si ma oftic de mor – au fost super mega momente care trebuiau ‘luate’ acasa cumva.. 🙂

Anyway… sa fac un rezumat:
– m-am vazut cu Bobby ieri si-am mancat ceva… si-o bere;
– ieri am frekat menta all day long: n-am avut kef de munca desi aveam ce face – in skimb am stat calare pe dc++ si am tras tone/giga de kestii – filme/muzica/joace (da, am vreo 5 joace noi de care nu m-am atins inca si nici nu cred c-am s-o fac – am prea mult de munca si daca ma apuc, asta e…)
– azi la office am desenat … kestii.. pe care o sa le vedeti in curand (tocmai d’asta zic sa nu ma apuc de joace ca nu o mai termin si ma injura Bobby iar. 😀 )
– am venit acasa, cu kef de munca; am zis ca nu pot munci daca nu e si oleaka de muzica – daca tot sint singur acasa am zis sa-mi setez subwooferu’.. ca deh… nu se supara nimeni – “cand pisica nu-i acasa…etc”
De cand mi-am luat computeru’ nou n-am apucat sa fac treaba cu boxele – am folosit doar castile.
Ok.. bag “cablurili” si dau drumu la muzica; daaamn… am zapacit total dreapta/stanga, etc…
Skot “cablurili” si le inversez… la fel… mess all around. Hmmm…
Skot TOT si le iau pe rand.. vezi firu’ ala.. firu’ al’lalt and so on: 10 bukatzi! 🙂
Ok, fac testele.. merg, is corecte…
Dau drumu la winamp… canci: mergea doar frontu’…
Fac teste din nou… re-scan ports… autorescan… autodetect.. shieet… all works ok.
Winamp again…
Wtf again!
Dau drumu la o smekerie “build in” care vine cu driverele.. muzica se auzea in toate cele 6 boxe…
Dau drumu la winamp… doar front-urile.
Hmmm… winamp sux!
M-am mancat in .. undeva acum 1 luna sa-mi iau ultimu Winamp… ca deh, sa fiu la moda. Am observat ca era pe net versiunea 5.xx… si eu aveam 2.91 de secole… 😀
De kkt… nu vrea sa ‘muste’ toate boxele mele.. ci doar front-urile; asa ca, acum, ma delectez cu winamp 2.91 care rulz… (nu am timp sa-l gâdil sa vad ce are, oricum e too lame daca nu ‘vede’ boxele mele)
Si uite-asa am pierdut eu o ora invartind “cablurili” prin toata kasa.. 😛
Now.. back to work!

PS. am cules de pe net o smekerie care se numeste “muzica din cluburi” – e super beton. Oare babele mele de pe etaj ce zic? Le place? 😀 😀 >:)

Why is the sky blue? Answers…

Why is the sky blue? Facts you should know (acum raspunsurile) 🙂

Scientists offer 10 basic questions to test your knowledge.

1. About 71 percent of the earth’s surface is covered by water.

2. The single cells in the brain communicate through electrical and chemical signals.

3. No. Dinosaurs went extinct at the end of the Cretaceous period, 65 million years ago. Modern humans did not appear until around 200,000 years ago.

4. Darwin’s theory of species origination says that natural selection chooses organisms that possess variable and heritable traits and that are best suited for their environments.

5. A year, 365 days, is the time it takes for the earth to travel around the sun. A day, 24 hours, is the time it takes for the earth to spin around once on its axis.

6. Solar radiation sunlight is scattered across the atmosphere by a process called diffused sky radiation. The sky is blue because much more short-wave radiation—blue light—is scattered across the sky than long-wave radiation—red light.

7. Rainbows can be seen when there are water droplets in the air and the sun is shining. Sunlight, which contains all colors, is refracted, or bent, off the droplets at different angles, splitting into its different colors of red, yellow, blue, etc.

8. Influenza viruses and others continually change over time, usually by mutation. This change enables the virus to evade the immune system of its host so that people are susceptible to influenza virus infection throughout their lives. Bacteria mutate in the same way and can also become resistant if overtreated with antibiotics.

9. About 3.8 billion years; they’re bacteria-like organisms.

10. Adding salt to snow or ice increases the number of molecules on the ground surface and makes it harder for the water to freeze. Salt can lower freezing temperatures on sidewalks to 15 degrees from 32 degrees.

Extra credit: Seasons occur because the earth is tilted at an angle of 23.5 degrees. At certain times of year the top half of the earth leans to the sun and therefore gets more sun and has summer. When that same half of the earth leans away from the sun it gets less light and has winter.

Why is the sky blue? Facts you should know

Am gasit o kestie tare interesanta:

Think you know you know your science? Recently, several science gurus—Nobel Prize winners, institute heads, teachers and others who spend most of their time thinking about science—were asked, “What is one science question every high school graduate should be able to answer?”

Take their quiz and see how you do

1. What percentage of the earth is covered by water?


2. What sorts of signals does the brain use to communicate sensations, thoughts and actions?


3. Did dinosaurs and humans ever exist at the same time?


4. What is Darwin’s theory of the origin of species?


5. Why does a year consist of 365 days, and a day of 24 hours?


6. Why is the sky blue?


7. What causes a rainbow?


8. What is it that makes diseases caused by viruses and bacteria hard to treat?


9. How old are the oldest fossils on earth?


10. Why do we put salt on sidewalks when it snows?


Extra credit: What makes the seasons change?

If this quiz wasn’t as easy as you thought it would be, you’re not alone. According to a recent National Science Board survey, 90 percent of Americans are interested in science, but only 15 percent consider themselves well-informed. In high schools, only 60 percent of students complete a general biology class, while only 40 percent complete a general chemistry class and a scant 27 percent complete a physics class, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

Even if you did learn basic science in school, these questions might be tough to answer, according to O. Roger Anderson, professor of science education at Teachers College at Columbia University.

“People are so deeply involved in their family lives and professions,” Anderson said. “How are they supposed to remember this stuff?”


Raspunsurile am sa le pun intr-un post viitor.. 😛 (asta daca nu cumva, cineva va raspunde meanwhile) 😀


week resume

N-am fost activ saptamana asta (pe blog): nici nu prea am avut ce spune, a fost o sapt. linistita, cu treburi casnice, cu tone de documentatie dupa mine, analize, cautari pe forumu-uri, video tutorials and stuff. M-am apucat de o kestie “noua” (care o stiu de 1 an) si vreau sa bag puternic in ea.

Apoi, mi-am luat 2 domenii (de fapt am recuperat unu’ si am cumparat altu – un .ro si un .com) – am facut “curat” la unele capitole si acum astept sa se finalizeze prin niste shtampile/semnaturi. (ma gandesc ca daca tot am pierdut ceva, macar sa fie cu akte in regula sa stiu ca nu exista regrete dupa)

Am desenat.. la greu: dar nu pot da prea multe detalii inca.. o sa vedeti ce si cum la momentu’ potrivit. “Ketvie” se keama.. 🙂 [call it “personal project”] 🙂

Am fost la un curs de cumunicare (din cauza firmei). M-am pliktisit teribil: tot ce-am retinut au fost pauzele lungi si dese… si pliktiseala, multa pliktiseala. N-am invatat nimic nou – adica, ba da: kestiile formale, kestiile simple/logice/deductibile au si ele o definitie. Yeah.. asta am invatat. Scheiße! Am pierdut juma’ de zi total aiurea… nu tu computer, nu tu ceva interesant.

La munca au fost zile de kkt (cateva) dar nu pot sa dau detalii ca poate ‘se vede’. Oricum, ideea e ca lumea vrea sa ma invetze niste kkturi pe care eu nu le agreez. WTF, fac ce stiu, cum stiu si cu CE stiu!!

Azi m-am vazut cu Bobby – am fost si-am mancat (yumiieee!!) apoi o mica plimbare in cautare de mouse – plimbare care a inceput in Dristor si s-a terminat la Unirii + happy ending: aveam mouse, plus niste dvd-uri (ca’s pe zero la space available) plus ca am avut cu cine sa barfesc! 😛

Apoi back home… si somn la greu (m-am trezit la 21:00 – daaamn, oare ce fac in noaptea asta?) si acum… calare pe comp cu mouse nou! 😀
Cred ca o sa testez mouse-u… sa vad daca “merge bine” in BF2.. 😀 😀 😀


BSOD – Blue Screen of Death.
Acum si in varianta Mac! 🙂
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