Be cool

Printre picaturi de Quake4, Call of Duty 2 si Battlefield2 am avut timp sa ma uit si la filme; acum, ca am plaka noua, pot vedea filmele pe tv (super cool).
Be Cool
Am vazut “Be cool” (dupa recomandarea lui Bobby). Mdaa… o vrejeala de film, super booring (adica pliktisitor rau), nimic interesant. Cica ar fi comedie… mie mi s-a parut o ieftineala, un film de duminica la care te uiti in lipsa de altceva; deja ma batea gandul sa nu mai vad si al 2-lea cd si sa-l delete it. Pacat de Travolta ca si-a pierdut timpu’ cu asa ceva; Uma Thurman era si ea pe-acolo, dar nu stiu de ce; s-o fi ratacit saraca.
Tot ce-am retzinut din filmu ala a fost Christina Milian care avea voce super cool (singura kestie placuta din film), rushii aia cu okii vinetzi, Harvey Keitel care imi amintea de filmele mafiote si .. cam atat. Nu-l recomand decat daca aveti ganduri sinucigashe vis-a-vis de timpul vostru liber.
“parerea mea”
Mai jos sint cateva bla, bla, bla-uri de pe imdb. Am mai gasit si alte reviews/comments si se pare ca nu sint singurul caruia “Be Cool” i se pare “Sux!”

Streetwise mobster-turned-movie producer Chili Palmer is back, but this time Chili has abandoned the fickle movie industry and veered into the music business, tangling with Russian mobsters and gangsta rappers and taking a talented, feisty young singer named Linda Moon under his wing. From the recording studio to an Aerosmith concert to the MTV Music Awards, he manipulates events to watch them play out the Chili way, using his signature blend of wiseguy skills and negotiation tactics. It’s a dangerous business, and everyone’s looking for their next big hit.

In this sequel to “Get Shorty”, Chili Palmer (John Travolta) is tired of the movie production business after being forced to make a useless sequel starring Martin Weir (Danny De Vito). When a music producer friend (James Woods) is gunned down, he offers to help his widow (Uma Thurman) run the business. Checking a talent (Christina Milian) that Woods had been talking to him about puts Chili at odds with a sleazy music manager (Vince Vaughn),his gay bodyguard (The Rock), and his equally sleazy partner (Harvey Keitel). Woods mismanagement of the music company also gets Chili threatened by members of the Russian mafia and a suburbian rap-mogul producer (Cedric The Entertainer) & his thugs led by his bumbling relative (Andre Benjamin). All turns out well when it is determined that Uma had at one time been the laundress for Aerosmith and making contact with Aerosmith leader Steven Tyler at a Lakers game, gets their protege a duet with Tyler at an Aerosmith concert. Robert Pastorelli also appears as a slobbish hitman, who bumbles an attack on Chili. Contains profanity (including the one gratuitous use of the f-word, which Chili cites in using it as the only use permissible without getting an R rating in movies), lots of gunplay and other violence, and mild sexual situations.

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